The Presets @ Metropolis, Fremantle

Well, you heard that The Presets had postponed their national tour. They went to Glastonbury and a bunch of other European shows. Coming home from overseas, they resumed their national tour, fitter than ever. They’re doing the round up until the big Splendour In The Grass this weekend. Undoubtedly, The Presets are the biggest Australian electro-live act right now (though I’d like to say PNAU put on better live shows).

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The Presets @ Metropolis, Fremantle The Presets @ Metropolis, Fremantle

I’m going to put it out there that I initally (and accidentally!) thought The Presets were from Perth, only because I have a poster in my room from 2004 of The Dissociatives supported by Little Birdy and, none other than, The Presets! With the second support usually reserved for the local bands, you can probably see why I made that mistake. “2004?!”, you say? Yes, it’s pretty spellbounding to see how huge they’ve become since then.

The Presets @ Metropolis, Fremantle

Such comparisons are unwarranted though- that was a very long time ago and they’ve been big for long enough! The Presets, and any live electro act, aren’t usually my thing. But take the camera away from me, then you actually might see me dance! (Oh no! Shock horror!)

Pick up a copy of Drum Media Perth this Thursday for a full rundown of the show.