The Grates @ Club Capitol

I think it’s fair to say that The Grates are pretty freaking infectious, even if it “grates” on you. There’s nothing quite like their happy-go-lucky style of indie-pop and aren’t we all glad to have them as our own! Strangely enough, despite them touring the country relentlessly over the past few years - even with a show supporting Powderfinger in Karratha for Triple J’s series of AWOL festivals around regional Australia - they still decide on packing a smallish venue.

The Grates @ Club Capitol The Grates @ Club Capitol

Patience Hodgson calls out, “This is the closest you’ll ever get to having my crotch on your head!” after crawling out of the crowd, jumping off a lucky punter’s shoulders. The Grates are no bullshit and say it like it is! It’s honestly quite hard to keep up with them, so I consider myself lucky to come out with these shots. A sold-out gig at Club Capitol also means serious business when the crowd squeezes up to the stage. It’s a bit odd that, since The Grates played at Metropolis last time, that they’d choose a smaller venue this time around. Let’s hope for a pop-tacular tour next year!

Though, I did meet Patience last year at Club Capitol while Maximo Park were on-stage. They decided to come down to Perth on the way home from Karratha. Maybe the venue moved them!

The Grates @ Club Capitol

This show was their last one of the tour, so what better reason to have everyone on the stage! The Vasco Era and The John Steel Singers were summoned onto the stage to close the night out, but it was pretty much expected since all the bands got together after each set! Nothing like hearing Sid O’Neill from The Vasco Era cover “Sukkafish” to bring everyone out for a hoedown. Crowd members snuck onto the stage while bouncers were bewildered as to who they need to kick back into the mosh!

Note to self: quality restaurants nearby music venues are convenient for touring bands. Now why didn’t I think that before! It’s always fun having dinner with your favourite bands and I’ve only just discovered that recently. We had some nibblies with Ted O’Neill (The Vasco Era), Alana Skyring (The Grates) that night. We have to hang out there more often!

There’s a stash more photos on my Flickr photostream… so check them out!

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