Morcheeba @ Fremantle Arts Centre

Gig date: Sunday 28 December 2008

You may have heard of UK trip-hop band Morcheeba… they had a few groovy pop hits in the late 90’s and early 00’s such as Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day and Otherwise. I specifically remember falling in love with the silky smooth voice of Skye Edwards soon after starting uni, especially as she sang “Otherwise”. I was hesitant in buying their album, Charango, particularly since I didn’t have any pocket money and I was still trying to find myself in music. I was still pretty selective in what I wanted to listen to. Morcheeba could have been a band that I kept close to my heart, but it never happened. The thrill of having a favourite band that most people wouldn’t really know…

Morcheeba @ Fremantle Arts Centre

Fast forward to 7-odd years later, Morcheeba visit our Western shores during my 18+ life. My heart was close to melting point waiting for Skye Edwards to appear. But then, a waif and not-so-dark looking woman appears and lays down the grooves. I started taking a few snaps thinking that Morcheeba were going to be on-stage after this band. But the two men on guitars looked oddly familiar…

Morcheeba @ Fremantle Arts Centre

… she started singing “Otherwise”. The confusion hit me… we have an unfamiliar beautiful woman singing these Morcheeba tunes, but not Skye? No time to think about that… I had photos to take! But, my my, she was very pretty and really reminded me of Sarah Blasko.

Further research after the show revealed that Skye Edwards had left the band. Something to do with creative differences. There’s not much on the internet about it, though throw in a handful of replacement lead singers and a sexual harrassment case and you have the recent history of Morcheeba.

Their current touring singer- her name is Manda and she’s from France. She’ll have to do. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get the chance to lose myself in Skye Edwards’ hymns. *sigh*.

I may have gotten a bit personal in this post… oh well, there’s a bit of insight for you!

Stay tuned for more posts from the Fremantle Arts Centre!

There are a couple more photos of Morcheeba on my Flickr photostream.