Vanilla Ice @ V Festival 2009, Melbourne
Vanilla Ice loves to lounge about.

This post is a part of a series: V Festival 2009 Australian Tour. Plenty of photos of all the bands from all the shows!

If you asked anyone in Sydney or Melbourne what their highlight was at the V Festival, you might be blown away by the numerous “OMG! Vanilla Ice!!!” responses. Sure The Killers has a great stage setup and presence. Sure Kaiser Chiefs went absolutely mental climbing and jumping all over things. But Vanilla Ice was where it was at, yo! I remember reading the morning after (more like 4am at the airport lounge, waiting for the flight home to Perth!), reading The Age Newspaper on how Vanilla Ice stole the show.

Vanilla Ice @ V Festival 2009, Melbourne
His show at the Melbourne Showgrounds was totally packed.

Vanilla Ice was originally scheduled to perform only at the Sydney V Festival. He flew down to the Gold Coast V Festival to chill and mingle with lucky punters in the Virgin Mobile Louder Lounge. The Virgin Mobile Angels told me that he was going to visit the Sydney and Melbourne offices during the week too.  And then he loved Australia so much that last minute changes had to be made for another show in Melbourne!

Vanilla Ice and the Virgin Mobile V Angels
Vanilla Ice and the Virgin Mobile Angels at the Gold Coast

Virgin Mobile had brought Vanilla Ice down on a campaign to Right Music Wrongs, where you decided if he was innocent or guilty for all the bad things about music. You decided that he was Innocent, and so he performed “Ice Ice Baby” and “Ninja Rap (Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!)” for all you adoring fans. If he was proven Guilty, then he’d have to publicly apologise… and then possibly sing his songs anyway!

Vanilla Ice @ V Festival 2009, Sydney
Ice Ice Baby… too cold to hold!

I must also admit that Vanilla Ice was definitely one of my highlights of the entire V Festival circuit. I did spend a lot of time for him - the performances, the media calls, backstage… and, of course, the fan photo! He really really loves his fans. At the Sydney V Festival, his manager kept asking him to move along out of the Louder Lounge, but being the nice guy he is, Vanilla Ice made sure all of his fans  got a photo with him. I guess there’s one reason why he loves Australia!

Me and Vanilla Ice
Yeah man. Ice is the master of MySpace photos. Let’s kick it.

Vanilla Ice @ V Festival 2009, Melbourne Vanilla Ice @ V Festival 2009, Sydney
Let’s get this party started… kickin’ it old school.

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