Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle

Gig date: Wednesday 2nd July, 2009

I don’t have much to say about Karnivool, except that their music is TRANSCENDENT. These local Perth boys fronted by Ian “The Voice” Kenny totally rip it up at the Metropolis Concert Club in Fremantle (I’ve just noticed… does anyone call it a concert club? Anyway…)

Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle

I’d like to think that Karnivool is the better of the two Ian Kenny bands. I mean, it came first before Birds Of Tokyo. And besides, the sounds are so much more ethereal and pounding than the “hard” pop-rock of the latter band. I could probably go on about how samey all of Birds’ songs are, but I’ll forgive them whenever I hear Shutterspeed”, Roquefort”, or Themata”.

Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle

Speaking of Themata”, don’t ask me why I’m bringing this up… I remember this one Australian Idol series (uh oh) when it was the very first of the “Final 12″ shows on the grand stage. The first Idol was from Perth and there was no theme, just a personal choice for the song. She chose Karnivool’s Themata and ultimately got panned for it because no one knew what the song was. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia… why would you put her down for such a lame excuse? It was a solid performance but in the end, she was the first to be booted off the stage.

I must also say… their latest single “Set Fire To The Hive” from new album Sound Awake rocks my socks off.

There are a couple more photos on my Flickr photostream, so check them out.

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