Yves Klein Blue @ City Beach Surf Shop, Perth

Gig date: Saturday 18th July, 2009

Brisbane indie-rockers Yves Klein Blue popped into the City Beach Surf Shop in the Perth CBD for a quick in-store gig. Their song “Polka” is currently the song played during a TV ad for the Mitsubishi Lancer, though they have a whole bunch of other pleasant pop-rock songs too! They were to play that night at the Amplifier Bar too. I’m not sure of the history of the surf shop doing in-stores, but I’d really like to find out more about them! My sister tells me that the store usually has a DJ where the band played, though I didn’t know that until I arrived. I’m also told that the shop sells concert tickets, so I’m guessing that’s how they get bands to come into the shop. The lenses I had brought weren’t enough to get some closeup shots.

Yves Klein Blue @ City Beach Surf Shop, Perth

Thanks to my tardiness, I got there 10 minutes late and they had only played a 20-minute set. That’s alright though. I was surprised at the acoustics in the shop though there weren’t many shoppers who took notice of the performance. The building was formerly a part of the old Commonwealth Bank until they sub-divided the floor space. I don’t remember when that was done, but I do remember how it was before!

Here we have lead singer Michael Tomlinson spotting me travelling down an escalator. Funnily enough, he spotted me later that night at Amplifier Bar bopping away to their pop-rock tunes. Thanks mate!

Yves Klein Blue @ City Beach Surf Shop, Perth Yves Klein Blue @ City Beach Surf Shop, Perth

I didn’t get a lot of shots though- staff were a bit dumbfounded when I rocked up to take photos. One shop assistant came up to me and asked me to stop taking photos. Fair enough, I was in a private space and clothing stores are privy to “knockoff artists” who copy clothing and logo designs from well-known brands. I guess I should have asked before I took photos.

I was with my friend Courtney while she took photos of Yves Klein Blue that night at the Amplifier Bar. Her photos should be up pretty soon on her Flickr photostream and Fasterlouder. Keep a look out for them!