The Hydey Lives On!

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The beat will go on at the Hyde Park Hotel after owner Australian Leisure and Hospitality yesterday reversed its decision to pull the plug on live amplified music at the end of the month.

ALH State manager Colin Gourdis said that pressure from the local music industry, State Government and patrons had forced the backflip but added that the hotel faced a “long, drawn-out process” to resolve sound attenuation issues.

The “overwhelming” volume of support for keeping live bands playing at the Hyde Park Hotel had caught ALH by surprise, he said.

The West Article

Press release: Minister of Arts(WA) Hydey closing

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Hyde Park Hotel Front Bar

Thanks to d_mac77 for refering me to this link:

It seems to be an official word on the matter. The gist of it - it is not exactly about noise complaints, but more to do with the liquor store buying out the hotel and hence, buying out the music.

One thing I’m wondering though, does this also include music at the Hydey’s Jazz Room? I think I would assume so, considering the Perth Jazz Society has also been evicted after 20 years of residence.

Hopefully there is something we can do to stop this from happening. Stay tuned…

Huge Blow to Perth Music… again!

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Hyde Park Hotel Bar

From Monday 30th July ‘07, the Hyde Park Hotel will no longer play any more live music.

You can thank the residents of the area for their complaints, and no support for the hotel to get the place acoustically fixed up.

Yet another music venue gone for Perth.