Karnivool @ Metropolis, Fremantle

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Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle

Gig date: Wednesday 2nd July, 2009

I don’t have much to say about Karnivool, except that their music is TRANSCENDENT. These local Perth boys fronted by Ian “The Voice” Kenny totally rip it up at the Metropolis Concert Club in Fremantle (I’ve just noticed… does anyone call it a concert club? Anyway…)

Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle

I’d like to think that Karnivool is the better of the two Ian Kenny bands. I mean, it came first before Birds Of Tokyo. And besides, the sounds are so much more ethereal and pounding than the “hard” pop-rock of the latter band. I could probably go on about how samey all of Birds’ songs are, but I’ll forgive them whenever I hear Shutterspeed”, Roquefort”, or Themata”.

Karnivool @ Metropolis Fremantle

Speaking of Themata”, don’t ask me why I’m bringing this up… I remember this one Australian Idol series (uh oh) when it was the very first of the “Final 12″ shows on the grand stage. The first Idol was from Perth and there was no theme, just a personal choice for the song. She chose Karnivool’s Themata and ultimately got panned for it because no one knew what the song was. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia… why would you put her down for such a lame excuse? It was a solid performance but in the end, she was the first to be booted off the stage.

I must also say… their latest single “Set Fire To The Hive” from new album Sound Awake rocks my socks off.

There are a couple more photos on my Flickr photostream, so check them out.

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The Basics @ ARTBAR, Art Gallery of Western Australia

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The Basics @ ARTBAR, Art Gallery Of WA

ARTBAR - the very first in a new series of events held after-hours at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for the Winter season, with Melbourne indie-pop band The Basics opening the sold-out show! I quite like the idea of having a concert inside an art gallery… it makes sense, doesn’t it?

The Basics @ ARTBAR, Art Gallery Of WA

Ever since the announcement of the ARTBAR series, I had always wondered how it was going to be set up. When I arrived, the stage was set up in the lobby of the Art Gallery with one gallery space open for the featured exhibition THING beware the material world. Everyone had a clear view of the stage with plenty of space to watch upstairs too. It did sound a bit echoey though, due to the layout of the lobby and there cuold have been better lighting on the stage, but overall it was a pleasant experience and a charming crowd. Nice and early too with a 9:30pm close time.

The Basics @ ARTBAR, Art Gallery Of WA

I guess you can’t have a The Basics show without seeing Gotye aka Wally de Backer singing and on the drums, so here’s a special treat for ya.

I really look forward to the rest of the ARTBAR series. Next month is comedian Wil Anderson performing a one-night-only show. SOLD OUT, Damn it! And the following two months is Tim Rogers and Katie Noonan.

There are a couple more photos on my Flickr photostream, so check them out.

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Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

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Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

Gig date: Friday 29th May, 2009

Tonight was a night for firsts - it was a special, invite-only listening party to celebrate the release of Eskimo Joe’s newest album Inshalla. But more importantly (hah!), it was the first official concert of the reopening of The Astor Theatre right in the heart of trendy Mt. Lawley!

Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

What was once a full-time movie theatre for… hmm, God knows how long, The Astor had closed its doors last year as it was hardly profitable in this day and age. Built in 1911, renovated to its iconic art-deco interior styling in 1939, the place was listed on the State Register of Heritage Places almost exactly 10 years ago. I’m glad I found this out recently as I was afraid that the place would disappear. Read More »