Summadayze 2010 @ Esplanade & Supreme Court Gardens, Perth

As I continually attempt to blog at least once a week, I now present to you the first festival of the new year… Summadayze!

After taking a two-and-a-half week off taking photos - the previous show was Animal Collective at Club Capitol, an incredibly dark show because their lighting system had screwed up - it was time to get back into it for 2010. What better way to start by shooting a lively dance festival along the foreshore.

Summadayze 2010 @ Esplanade & Supreme Court Gardens, Perth
The Presets are playing on-stage… somewhere

Spanning both the Supreme Court Gardens and The Esplanade reserves along Riverside Drive, Summadayze has grown to be a huge dance festival and the first lively event to kick you in the pants after New Years. I’m not sure how traffic manages when they have to close off Barrack St. to join the two parks, but I must say it’s a huge trek to get from one side to the other!

Infected Mushroom @ Summadayze 2010, Perth
Infected Mushroom - blinded by the lights of the crowd

After a crazy day of DJs, it was refreshing to see a few live bands in the mix. Absolute highlight of my night was Israeli electronic group Infected Mushroom who, coupled with the roaring of the crowd, put on a performance that completely blew me away. Guitarist Erez Netz (pictured) rips it up on the guitars while Amit Duvdevani shouts and incites the crowd with great raucous!

The Presets @ Summadayze 2010, Perth Technotronic @ Summadayze 2010, Perth
Kim from The Presets & Jo from Technotronic

Remember “Pump Up The Jam”? Technotronic are back! Well… not really. There were many punters keen to relive their “early-90s popular house” days and for about 30 minutes they did. That’s how long Technotronic’s set was, spanning a whole four songs including the aforementioned plus “Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)” and two other songs that I’m sure were from their first album. The Presets put on an ‘alright’ show, but their evening slot just showed that the full Presets experience needed some trippy lighting.

Carl Cox @ Summadayze 2010, Perth
Carl Cox headlined making you dance your pants off

It was a great way to start the year. I took it easy and wandered around soaking it in. I’d like to think that the photos from Summadayze really shows what I’m capable of. There are immediate favourite photos of the year from this set, especially the photo of the festival rides.

Crowd @ Summadayze 2010, Perth

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