Rockingham Talk 1
Kitta has a knack for capturing crucial moments - like this one looking a bit shy and timid as I’m about to start my first ever photography talk!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by the Rockingham Photography Club to do a short talk about my live music photography. It was an informal presentation about who I am, the media outlets I shoot for, the gear that I use, my shooting techniques and what I look for when I take photos.

I had prepared myself so much for this tiny little talk. I had forgotten what it was like to do a presentation and the time it takes to actually create a Powerpoint presentation! Honestly, I haven’t done a talk since my uni days… well, that was only around 3 years ago, might I add. The nerves got to me the night of the presentation, but luckily my dear friend Fiona let me practice the speech as she drove us on the hour-long trip to Rockingham.

After some club formalities, it was time for me to stand in front of my audience! What a mixed crowd it was… I also had the support of Ben and Kitta too. I needed all the support I could get! And then I just dived into it.

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It was an absolute BLAST! My words flowed nicely, my emotive body spoke of exciting musical tales and many questions were asked. I was told after the talk that people were genuinely interested in my talk and that it’d been a while since a guest speaker had captivated the audience so well. I’d gone WAY over time, but the crowd loved it

I was also a guest judge for their monthly photography competition. You can check out the nice work they’ve done here: Rockingham Photography Club Theme Winners.

I’d like to thank Craig Taylor, former President of the Club, for the initial guest-speaker invitation and the Rockingham Photography Club for their attention. As well as my friends Fiona, Ben and Kitta.