V Festival - Evolution of a Scar

This post is a part of a series: V Festival 2009 Australian Tour. Plenty of photos of all the bands from all the shows!

While I’d like to say I got into a tussle with security while trying to barge my way into the photo-pit to take photos of The Killers, the reality is that I slipped and immediately knocked my head on a nearby wheelie-bin.

Some of you may have followed my Tweets/Facebook updates. I posted this soon after the accident:

Whatever happens on tour, stays on tour… I slipped on the damp grass and knocked the back of my head and drew blood. Not drunk related!

It was absolutely pissing down the morning of V Festival at the Gold Coast. I’m guessing it was the cyclonic storms that resulted in crazy flooding on the east coast somewhere.

Then it stopped. Just in time for the gates to open.

Then it GUSHED down during Mr. Brightside by The Killers. By some sixth sense, I actually foresaw this happening.

After the show, we had our usual after-drinks. It was still pissing down. I was running … I don’t remember what I was running for. Must have been to get my P&S camera. And… yeah- the above happened.

Photos taken at these times:

  1. Soon after the fall. The lovely Amber rushed off to get something to clean it with as it apparently looked really bad.
  2. One week later in Sydney.
  3. Just recently… I have an awesome scar.

So yeah… stories from the frontline at V Festival and the scar to prove it! Hah!