Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

Gig date: Friday 29th May, 2009

Tonight was a night for firsts - it was a special, invite-only listening party to celebrate the release of Eskimo Joe’s newest album Inshalla. But more importantly (hah!), it was the first official concert of the reopening of The Astor Theatre right in the heart of trendy Mt. Lawley!

Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

What was once a full-time movie theatre for… hmm, God knows how long, The Astor had closed its doors last year as it was hardly profitable in this day and age. Built in 1911, renovated to its iconic art-deco interior styling in 1939, the place was listed on the State Register of Heritage Places almost exactly 10 years ago. I’m glad I found this out recently as I was afraid that the place would disappear.

Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

I don’t really mean to be cocky, but I was more excited about the venue reopening than of hearing Eskimo Joe’s new stuff. Though, I must say that their first single, Foreign Land, is a pretty catchy tune with the sound of a Turkish zurna drilling into your head. Though, I can’t say other songs stuck and it’s hard to judge when the listening party was only 30 minutes with half of the songs being some oldies anyway.

Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley

I really really look forward to seeing more events at The Astor Theatre. I’m not sure of when there will be more happening there, but it looks like 2009 is the year for Perth to be a bit more “culturally aware” with events being held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia over the Winter, starting with The Basics playing inside at the Artbar, as well as a one-night-only show by comedian Wil Anderson (sold out… D’oh!).

I guess in the meantime, go to the “Live At The Astor” website at and sign up to their mailing list. Film, Theatre, Comedy and Music… can’t wait!

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. The Astor Theatre features prominently on Jebediah’s early single, “Military Strongmen”. I found a copy of this single at Cash Converters one day. This is not a photo that I took though.


More photos of Eskimo Joe @ The Astor Theatre on my Flickr photostream!

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